Tobacco is burned when smoking a tobacco cigarette. An electronic cigarette works completely differently. In an e-cigarette, a liquid is heated and converted into vapor. The user does not inhale smoke, but vapor. Electronic smoking is therefore also called vaping.

"Mouth-to-lung" or "direct-lung"?

The pod and e-cigarette have a mouth-to-lung vapor, which means you take a hit in your mouth and then inhale it. Just like with a regular cigarette. The sub-ohm, on the other hand, vaporizes "direct-lung": you inhale the vapor directly into your lungs, just like with a water pipe. The sub-ohm delivers by far the most vapor, so if you like to blow out a lot of smoke, vaporize a room blue or blow circles, then the sub-ohm might be for you. Please note that sub-ohms require a lot more knowledge than "normal" e-smoking! You really have to delve into the matter before you hit the sub-ohms, otherwise it will be more coughing than fumes ...

Maximizing vapor experience with fixed or variable wattage:

Most mini and mid-size batteries of an e cigarette have a fixed voltage, which is between 3.3 Volt and 4.2 Volt, but there are also models that deliver a higher voltage. In addition, e-cigarettes differ in batteries with variable voltage and wattage. You can therefore adjust the voltage manually. Are you an advanced or experienced damper? Then with a box mod you can set the wattage yourself so that you can get the maximum vapor and flavor from an e-liquid to maximize the vapor experience. This is not suitable for novice vapers, because incorrect use and combustion can release harmful substances. This problem can quickly be resolved with sufficient information.

Use and maintenance:

Just like with your phone, this battery also needs to be charged regularly. When the E liquid has run out, you have to refill the tank. The coil lasts about two weeks. If the vapor tastes and smells a little burnt, then you know you are late to replace it.

Different types of e-cigarettes

There are even more differences in e cigarettes. You have disposable e-cigarettes that are not refillable and can be thrown away with the chemical waste after use. These e-smokers are also called disposable, look-a-like or cig-a-like. These are ideal if you want to give electronic vaping a try, or if you plan to quit smoking conventional tobacco cigarettes. Disposable e-cigarettes work on a battery, a small vaporizer and a capsule or cartridge, which contains the flavor and (possible) nicotine. They are immediately ready for use.

POD e-cigarettes are a new form of vapor. The special vapers consist of a small battery, into which a cartridge with e-liquid can be clicked. The POD system is available in a closed or refillable version. In terms of ease of use and vaping experience, POD e-cigarettes are suitable for novice and advanced vapers who want to vape Mouth-to-Lung. For vapers who want to switch from Mouth-to-Lung to Direct-Lung, there are All-In-One e-cigarettes. These ready-to-use e-smokers consist of one whole. The built-in tank or clearomizer and the battery are inextricably linked so that a coil only needs to be replaced every 1 to 2 weeks.

A box mod is an advanced electronic e-cigarette with many setting options, such as variable voltage, variable wattage, temperature control and built-in or replaceable batteries. You can adjust the vaping completely to your own needs. The model evolved from the regular mod. A box mod is ideally suited for experienced vapers because of its extensive functionalities, who can personalize their vaping experience with it.

A squonk mod is an innovative variation on the classic mod, which is distinguished by its functionality, user-friendliness and taste experience. This special mod consists of a battery, bottle with e liquid and an RDA. In fact, it is hands-free drip, making a squonk mod an interesting addition to the e-cigarette range.

Vapor behavior and matching options of e cigarettes

Choosing a vaper is a well-considered choice, because the differences in e cigarettes are diverse. Every damper has his personal preferences. Finally, to give you a helping hand, some examples of vapor behavior and matching options for e-cigarettes.

• If you smoke a lot and want to vape a lot, it is important to choose an e cigarette with a large battery capacity, or to purchase an extra battery.

• If you take small, short puffs, a simple e-cigarette without airflow is suitable.

• If you like large clouds of vapor, a variable wattage e smoker is the best option.

• If you would like a warm vapor, choose an e-cigarette with a clearomizer with sub-ohm coil.

• If you don't necessarily need a warm vapor, an e cigarette with a clearomizer and coil of at least 1.2 Ohm will suit you well.

• If you are on the road or outdoors a lot, a small vape or pod is useful.


How do I fill my e-cigarette?

First you check whether there is already a coil (the evaporation element) in it. Is this the case? Check whether it is properly secured (hand tight is sufficient). Is there none? Then you will have to place one first.

You then fill the clearomizer (the top / tank) with liquid. With some clearomizers this can be done via the bottom, with some via the top.

Be careful with the air supply:

It is important that you absolutely DO NOT fill the middle tube, if it is visible, with liquid, since this is usually the air throughput, where you will be lifting later.

Do not overfill with e-liquid: Do not overfill the clearomizer either, because that too can lead to leaks. A nice guideline is keeping 3/4.

Soak the coil well:

Finished filling? Nice, but stop; you can't start right away! It is best to soak the coil for at least 10 minutes with e-liquid. Keep the e-cigarette upright, so that the coil can fill up properly.

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